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New "Teen Wolf" TV Series Premieres Tomorrow

The Teen Wolf TV series that I've been posting about since 2007 has survived development hell and many rewrites of the basic concept to become... well, to become something. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Here, where you can see a trailer and the first 8 minutes of the pilot, they compare it to Twilight and they emphasize "a lot of blood" and mystery.

Blood? Mystery? What is this? Teen Wolf is a cheesy comedy with no blood at all! And there's nothing mysterious about it. It's rather up-front about everything.

Yes, this is going to be part of the Teen Wolf franchise in name only, but that's not new news. Teen Wolf fans have been watching the entire years-long process with groans of disappointment and outrage, with years worth of bitching and dire predictions that started from the beginning and kept going right up to now.

It isn't news that the new TV show was going to completely disregard the source material. The only news involved is exactly how it will disregard the source material. Early on, it was more like Cursed meets Underworld, but now it's grown into something more like Twilight with maybe a dash of Vampire Hunter D.

Why do I say "new" TV show? Because there has already been a Teen Wolf TV show, one that actually had a great deal of continuity with the first movie, carrying over one voice actor (Teen Wolf's dad) and being produced by Southern Star Productions, the same production company. It was different, yes. It introduced a few new characters and changed some details, but it was basically an animated 1980s sitcom that happened to run on Saturday morning, during a time when Americans did not yet understand the concept of an animated sitcom (this was before the ground-breaking The Simpsons).

There was also another TV show, called Big Wolf on Campus, that was obviously inspired by the first Teen Wolf television series. It had a lot of similar details (just different enough to avoid being sued) and the same type of cheesy comedy (if anything, MUCH more cheesy). It could be regarded as a true spiritual successor to Teen Wolf.

What are the good things about the new Teen Wolf? Well, it is possible the TV series might be good. If you completely ignore the fact that the title is Teen Wolf and watch it with a frame of mind that you're just watching some random new werewolf TV show, you may be able to thoroughly enjoy it, (that is, if it turns out to be good on its own merits, which is still unknown).

Another good thing is that this upcoming TV series probably spurred Teen Wolf's first release on Blu-ray, a release where they finally re-did the old classic Teen Wolf poster to make it look a bit nicer and to make the color of the letterman jacket on the poster actually match the color of the letterman jacket in the movie, which is something Teen Wolf fans have complained about for a long time.

If you've a Teen Wolf fan and you want something that's actually like the original, try watching the cartoon TV show or Big Wolf on Campus or try fan films such as Teen Wolf......25 Years Later. Middle Aged Wolf or Jeeves Leaves.
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