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Two pieces of "Underworld" news

The Underworld franchise has two new entries in the works.

One of those entries is a fourth film, turning the trilogy into a quadrilogy. Underworld: Awakening is supposed to cover the adventures of a new variety of vampire/werewolf hybrid and to deal with a war where humans are attempting to kill off all vampires and werewolves (link includes teaser trailer).

The second entry in the Underworld franchise is an anime miniseries titled "Endless War". It will be included on the new blu-ray The Underworld Trilogy: The Essential Collection, which is not yet ready for pre-order but is scheduled for a release on December 13th.
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"The Howling: Reborn" released today

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The Howling franchise... is returning!

It was said that the Howling franchise could never recover after the unthinkably abysmal Howling: New Moon Rising, but the franchise is now back:

(If the video isn't showing, click here.)

From the trailer, The Howling: Reborn appears to be An American Werewolf in Paris crossed with the Twilight series. Apparently the idea in Hollywood right now is that audiences want to see lots of werewolves, but only if they've been Twilight-ified (see the Teen Wolf reboot for the most recent example).
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The "Teen Wolf" Pilot Episode

For the moment, the pilot episode can be watched here.

Want to know if it's worth your time? Okay, I'll give you my overall impressions, leaving out spoilers.

The early part certainly has a horror movie feel, but not just any horror movie: a cheesy horror movie. It hits a bunch of basic cliché points pretty fast in the first few minutes: there's a focus on partial nudity, a cheap not-scare played for the humor, along with the plot-wise establishment of a dead body and a killer on the loose.

Stiles strikes me as being in-character, at least as far as the things he says and the decisions he makes. He was written mostly like the old Stiles, which is to say a jerk, so he's talking that way and going through the motions, but I think the actor is not quite into the role, so it does fall a little flat. He's also got a bit of the BWOC character Merton Dingle mixed in.

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New "Teen Wolf" TV Series Premieres Tomorrow

The Teen Wolf TV series that I've been posting about since 2007 has survived development hell and many rewrites of the basic concept to become... well, to become something. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Here, where you can see a trailer and the first 8 minutes of the pilot, they compare it to Twilight and they emphasize "a lot of blood" and mystery.

Blood? Mystery? What is this? Teen Wolf is a cheesy comedy with no blood at all! And there's nothing mysterious about it. It's rather up-front about everything.

Yes, this is going to be part of the Teen Wolf franchise in name only, but that's not new news. Teen Wolf fans have been watching the entire years-long process with groans of disappointment and outrage, with years worth of bitching and dire predictions that started from the beginning and kept going right up to now.

It isn't news that the new TV show was going to completely disregard the source material. The only news involved is exactly how it will disregard the source material. Early on, it was more like Cursed meets Underworld, but now it's grown into something more like Twilight with maybe a dash of Vampire Hunter D.

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"Princess Resurrection" OVA

Princess Resurrection, which is already an anime series and a manga series, is about to become an OVA series. The release date for the first OVA had been scheduled for today, but it has now been delayed until March 2011.

Why is this important for fans of werewolves and shapeshifters? Well, I've posted about twice before, or just take a look at the trailer and see for yourself:

(See the trailer with this text link if the embedded trailer won't play.)

From the trailer, it looks as if the werewolf plotline is being given a lot of emphasis. There is no sign of the other shapeshifters (except for Hime herself, who is more of a pre-shapeshifter because she won't develop that power until she becomes an adult; but it would be a spoiler to say exactly what sort of creature she will grow up into if she survives long enough).

Overall, the OVA looks as if has higher-quality animation than the anime and will be more true to the manga's plotlines, though I do think that Hime looks a bit pointy-headed in the trailer.

Once it comes out, I'll see if I can view it and write another update.
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Science Fiction Writer is in Trouble

This is just a quick post about a travesty of justice: a man trying to cross the border back into Canada having the border guards completely go crazy on him for asking a question, and the man being arrested and then later left without transportation or a coat in winter weather.

Many writers are trying to spread the word about this incident to get support and justice, and requests are being made for everyone to blog about it.

For more information see these links:




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"True Blood" Second Season Premiere

The first episode of the second season of True Blood will premiere on HBO tonight. The first season was based on the first novel in the "Southern Vampire Mysteries" series and this second season is based on the second novel.

There is substantial transformation content, because one of the main characters is a weredog of sorts (technically, he is called a "shifter" and can transform into any animal, but in practice it is basically always a dog). Furthermore, if the TV series follows the second novel at all faithfully, there will be other shapeshifters as well, including werewolves.

If you haven't seen the TV series or read the books, what should you start with? I think both are good, but they have different characteristics. The novels are more "fluffy" like a beach read, and have simpler plot lines. The TV show is much darker in tone (there is quite a lot of gore, including some really gross sex scenes) and has more subplots and character development. I think the TV series has a richer storyline, particularly since the novels are very first-person but the TV series is willing to show us a lot more of what other characters were doing when the main character isn't around.