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Below I've posted my current list of upcoming movies and TV shows with werewolf and/or shapeshifter content. Especially in the case of films, upcoming projects can always get canceled before they appear, but the converse is also true: projects that seem to be dead can miraculously revive even after spending more than a decade in development hell.

If I've forgotten anything, please feel free to add comments correcting me or mentioning projects I missed. I'd love to hear from you.

Release dates that are known with some precision are bolded to help you skim to the projects that are likely to appear sooner and/or more reliably.

Current List of Upcoming Films:

  • Animals - supposedly, this has recently been released, but since I haven't been able to find any evidence of it, I'm still categorizing it as upcoming. My guess is that the film is finished but unreleased because they haven't been able to find a distributor yet. There are only a bare handful of reviews online, all seemingly from the sort of people who get advance copies before everyone else does, the official website is broken, and I even tried emailing the script writer but that email just bounces. From the few reviews, it sounds like a bad film. If true, that's a shame, since it is based on a novel that is quite good.

  • Bad Dog - unknown status, almost certainly a dead project. The script for this werewolf comedy by the writer of My Cousin Vinny was optioned to DreamWorks in 1997 for $3 million, but I haven't heard about any further news in years.

  • Beast aka Timo Rose's Beast - no release date yet, but the release year is supposed to be 2009.

  • Beast of the East - there is almost no information about this one so far.

  • Benighted - no known release date, but it currently has some big names attached. Based on the novel.

  • Bitten - unknown, probably a dead project. This movie version of the novel of the same name was rumored to have Angelina Jolie set to star as the main character female werewolf, but most of those articles have now been removed from various sites.

  • Blade 4 aka Blade: Nightstalkers - unknown status, but almost certainly a dead project. The announced fourth movie in the Blade series was rumored to be about hunting down werewolves, based on an alternate deleted ending included as an extra on the Blade: Trinity DVD. However, instead of a fourth movie appearing, the movie trilogy was instead followed by a TV series that was about hunting vampires, not werewolves. It seems likely that we will never see Wesley Snipes hunting werewolves in a fourth Blade film.

  • Camp Lycanthrope - unknown release date, as no studio has picked up the project yet. It is planned as a 2-D animated film in a style similar to Don Bluth's style (seen in The Secret of NIMH) and is about sympathetic werewolves (think "wolf transformations as a power" instead of a curse) in Mexico getting in danger because of a silver mine. Some really nice-looking artwork and sample animations used to be online, but these have all been removed (I think to avoid scaring off any potential studio interest). The animator is Matt Sullivan.

  • Cirque Du Freak - no release date yet, but the release year is supposed to be 2009

  • The Coffin - October 31, 2009. A coffin forms a framing device for multiple shorts, including one with a werewolf.

  • Cursed 2 - unknown release date. This is probably a dead project, since I haven't heard anything about it for a long time. When they made Cursed, they re-wrote the script in extreme ways after a lot of footage had been shot. Some reports even said that the movie was essentially finished when they decided to redo it in such an extreme way that the already-shot footage was useless. In either case, there was quite a bit of footage that was never put into the film at all. Around the time Cursed was released, articles came out saying that the studio planned to assemble the unused footage and maybe shoot a little more to connect it better, then call the result Cursed 2 and release it straight to video. Since this hasn't happened in the past 3 years, I suspect that it will never happen.

  • Death Walks the Streets - no known release date; with the official website currently saying nothing at all about the film, however Wikipedia has links to hordes of articles anticipating its release. It seems this film is very highly anticipated and has been for some time, despite the very slow progress toward actually making it.

  • Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat - unknown status, I suspect that plans to make it have been dropped. On the other hand, some movies have taken a long time to be made with little news. For example, Blood & Chocolate took about ten years from the first announcement of a film being made until the film actually appeared, and sometimes went for very long time periods with no news.

  • First Howl aka Howl aka Love Bites - 2009 release. A satire of detective films.

  • Frankenstein vs The Wolfman - no release date yet, but the film is finished, circulating in festivals and viewable online (however without the 3D effect).

  • Freeborn - unknown status. I haven't heard any new news about this for a year or so. See my previous blog posts on the subject.

  • Full Moon Fever - unknown status. There has been no news for so long that I'm pretty sure this project has likely been dropped. Based on the graphic novel by Joe Casey.

  • The Ghouly Boys - 2010 release. Based on the comic books, this (probably animated) film is set to have a cute little orphaned werewolf cub (named Puppy) as one of the main characters. Updates as the the film's status should appear at this link.

  • Hotel Transylvania - September 30, 2011. An animated film with a large cast of classic Hollywood monsters.

  • Hyenas - unknown release date. This is about were-hyenas in the United States. It is described as humorous and more like old-fashioned monster films than it is like modern horror.

  • In the Blood - unknown status. One of several planned Steve Niles films. It had previously been reported that they would start filming it immediately after finishing 30 Days of Night, but now the order of the upcoming films had been changed, with Wake the Dead being the next to get filmed, and there is little mention of In the Blood anymore. Of course, if the second film does well, it will become much more likely they'll make the third.

  • In the Shadow of the Moon - unknown release date. However, this is perfectly normal since work on it is just starting.

  • Jack and Diane - unknown status. It seems some kind of delay has set in. Lesbian werewolves?

  • Lobo - no release date yet, since they've barely begun making it. This is supposed to be the first of a trilogy about Brazilian werewolves.

  • The Lycanthrope - unknown release date. It is finished (it was shown at various film festivals) but I can't find any evidence it has actually been released. The official site hasn't been updated in a long time.

  • Lycan Rising - unknown status. I haven't been able to locate any recent information about this film, and it seems that perhaps it isn't being made anymore. The official site is dead. According to the film was being directed by Melinda Marroquin, with a screen play by C.H. Morris and being produced by Carter Robinson (Phoenix Productions). The plot description sounds similar to Neowolf (scroll down to the "N" section) but it looks like none of the same people are involved, so this probably isn't a case of a renamed film.

  • Mark of the Wolf - unknown release date, but perhaps 2009. This is an upcoming full-length film and a related web series of short films. The film itself and the web series episodes 3 through 10 or so are still upcoming (see episode one and episode two).

  • Monstrous Nature - unknown release date. This is a nun vs. werewolf movie.

  • Neowolf - The Band from Hell - February 2009

  • New Moon - release set for November 20, 2009. Based on the novel, it will be a sequel to the recently-released movie Twilight, which does not have any explicit werewolf content in it.

  • Shifter - 2009 release. It is unclear whether this is about a werewolf or some other type of shapeshifter.

  • Spider-Man 4 and/or Spider-Man 5 - the idea that a werewolf villain will appear in one of the upcoming Spider-Man movies is rumor only, but it is based at least in part on events in Spider-Man 2. The reasoning goes like this: in the film Spider-Man 2, Spidey's love interest Mary Jane is engaged to astronaut John Jameson, who is a werewolf supervillain in the comics. Furthermore, in the movie, John Jameson has a scene where he is crooning, and the croon gradually changes into a howl, seeming to imply that the writers did intend to eventually make him into a werewolf character. Also, this character would have a good reason to go after Spider-Man since Spider-Man stole his fiancée. Of course, even if the writers were intending to expand the John Jameson plotline in future films, they could have dropped that idea by now. We'll just have to wait and see.

  • Summerland - unknown status, and it is probably a dead project. To be based on a novel of the same name by Michael Chabon. The novel has a "werefox" in it as a main character (albeit one who never transforms even once in the course of the book) along with some shapeshifting monsters.

  • Teen Wolf (remake) - unknown release date, and with such small amounts of information about it lately, it seems this project may have died. See my previous blog posts on the subject.

  • There's a Werewolf in My Attic - no known release date, as there is no distributor as yet, but the film is finished. Reportedly it was made for $100. It showed at the Slamdance Film Festival with good reviews. The makers are talking about remaking it on a larger budget.

  • Trick 'r Treat - unknown release date. Seemingly finished, but with no distributor yet.

  • Twilight Watch - the American release is set for 2009, no exact date so far. This is the third film in a trilogy, following the films Night Watch and Day Watch, which featured various transformations and shapeshifters, including a weretiger and werebear.

  • Van Helsing 2 - unknown release date. In my opinion, this is most likely a dead project. Right after Van Helsing was released, there was an announcement of a sequel.

  • War Wolves - apparently March 2009, on the Sci-Fi Channel. However, I haven't found an exact release day yet.

  • Werewolf by Night - unknown release date. I have not seen any recent information about this project. Hans Rodionoff was making a script at one point, but it seems it never started filming. Based on the comic books.

  • The Wolf Man (remake) - currently November 6, 2009, but since the release date has been moved twice before, who knows if it will move again?

  • Wolfed - unknown, almost certainly a dead project since the last time I heard about it was in 2002. Based on an obscure 1904 novel by the author of The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers.

  • The Writing on the Moon - unknown release date.

    Current List of Upcoming Television Shows:

  • Being Human - release date January 25, 2009, according to the BBC Being Human blog. The pilot was aired in 2008, but the series hasn't aired yet.

  • Bitches, for the Fox network. Seems to be a Sex and the City imitation with werewolves, by the makers of Trick 'r Treat

  • Guardians of Luna - unknown status, though I've heard it rumored for fall 2009. An animated show that has been touring conventions for some time and generating a lot of interest online. It has werewolves and shapeshifting dragons.

  • Nightwolf - unknown release date. About a werewolf who only kills the bad guys.

  • Teen Wolf - unknown status, but with no news for this long it is probably a dead project. UPN had planned a live-action TV series based loosely on the film (an animated series already exists).

  • Untitled - Jake Kennedy is reportedly working on a TV show about a female werewolf. I haven't been able to find out what it might be titled.

  • Van Helsing - a TV series sequel to Van Helsing, that, like Van Helsing 2 the movie (discussed above), also seems to be a dead project.

    The book is Timothy and the Dragon's Gate by Adrienne Kress.

    It is high on shapeshifter content, but low on shapeshifting content.

    Let me explain. One of the main characters is a shapeshifter of the draconic kind, so that makes the shapeshifter content quite high. However, this character is trapped in human form, and (according to the author's communication with me) there is basically only one transformation in the book. So that makes the shapeshifting content low.

    If you're a transformation enthusiast who doesn't mind reading about shapeshifters who hardly ever display their powers, then you might want to check out this book. Or, you may like it if you enjoy reading teen fantasy novels and you aren't explicitly looking for lots of transformations.

    Timothy and the Dragon's Gate is a sequel to Alex and the Ironic Gentleman, which got good reviews.