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Peter is the Wolf, an online comic that has so far focused on werewolves (with just one minor character werefox seen briefly) has recently begun a new storyline. A number of new, non-werewolf shapeshifters have just been introduced in the last few panels, including a second werefox, a tanuki (sort of), plus a werecoyote, werelion, wererat and werebear. If you love shapeshifters but you haven't gotten into Peter is the Wolf yet because you tend to get bored by the over-saturation of werewolves, check it out!

According to an article at Variety and the comic creator's website, the horror comic Welcome to Hoxford will be made into a film.

The plot is about werewolves who run an institution for the criminally insane - an institution where patients check in, but they never check out. It looks like it could be a good, scary film. The art, though, makes the werewolves look kind of like giant bat/rabbit creatures so I do hope they'll get a better creature design for the film itself.

28 January 2009 @ 07:26 pm
The webcomic Bite Me by Dylan Meconis is going to appear as a print graphic novel. Although it is mostly about vampires, one main character is a werewolf.

A similar character currently appears in the webcomic Family Man by the same author. Family Man has no explicit werewolf content so far, simply because the plot hasn't progressed to that point yet, but it is supposed to mainly be about werewolves. According to the author, it is not a prequel to Bite Me, even though it may superficially appear to be one. It is more like a rethinking of some of the same characters, in a totally different setting and with a different plot. The art in Family Man is particularly high in quality.

I recently read a really enjoyable manga called Japan Tengu Party Illustrated (original language: Dai-Nippon Tengu-tō Ekotoba) by Kuroda Iou. I really wish it were legitimately available in English, but so far the only availability is on fan sites such as One Manga (where you can read it in its entirety).

The story involves shapeshifters from Japanese mythology known as the tengu. In this particular fictional universe, the tengu transform by a strange process. A bird (usually a crow) exits the mouth and the human body becomes unconscious (the tengu's consciousness is then in the newly-formed bird body). Then, when the bird re-enters the mouth and dissolves back into a union with the human form, the human body awakens once again. The tengu have powers in addition to changing between bird and human: they can also can fly in human form, and they can work magic.

Japan Tengu Party Illustrated follows Shinobu, a young woman who was kidnapped by a tengu as a child and is on the verge of becoming a full-fledged tengu herself. Before Shinobu can complete the conversion process, two big developments turn her life into chaos. First, Shinobu re-discovers the remnants of her long-lost human family. Second, the remaining tengu in Japan go public with their abilities and form a political party with the stated goal of converting every Japanese person into a tengu.

The tone of the entire work is wonderful, very dense with plot (unlike the thin plots of many mangas) and full of a splendid mix of mystery, spookiness and loneliness. There are quite a number of meaty philosophical questions (Are politics inherently dirty? What is the nature of belief? How should we judge our own actions? What makes a family real?) presented in a way that is interesting rather than preachy. I was also pleased that the ending was very much like the ending of a novel, with a satisfying sense of closure instead of the completely open-ended "ends" found in many manga series.

I'm quite taken with Japan Tengu Party Illustrated, and I'd love to see it licensed for sale in America. I even think it would make a good film.

23 November 2008 @ 01:23 pm
For those of you always on the lookout for werewolf comics and graphic novels:

The newest storyline in the webcomic version of Supernatural Law by Batton Lash has a werewolf (I say the webcomic version because there are also various printed comics with somewhat different storylines than the webcomic, published according to a different schedule).

A direct link to the start of that storyline is here.

Also, Supernatural Law has featured werewolves before. See the storyline titled "The Littlest Loup Garou" for details.